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                SCVT Date-sheet roll no series and instruction (substituted order) dated 15.02.2017

                SCVT Date-sheet roll no series and instruction dated 02.02.2017

                Regarding registration of Practical Examiners on NCVT MIS Portal dated 17.01.2017

                Instruction for Jan-17 exam dated 17.01.2017

                Instruction DGT regarding OMR dated 17.01.2017

                SNE Examiners 5 dated 04.01.2017

                SNE Flying Squad  3206 dated 23.12.2016

                Exam Center for the Examination Jan 2017 dated 06.12.2016

                Excel Sheets and formats of Exam Cell dated 06.12.2016

                SNE Flying Squad  3131 dated 29.10.2016

                SNE Examiners 3080 dated 03.11.2016

                SNE Flying Squad  3066 dated 24.10.2016

            Revised SNE Examiners 3071 dated 25.10.2016

            Revised SNE Examiners 3061 dated 20.10.2016

            SNE Flying Squad  3046 dated 06.10.2016

            SNE Examiners 3034 dated 28.09.2016

            Instruction regarding online registration of practical examiners dated 21.09.2016

            Revised SNE Examiners 3002 dated 09.09.2016

            SNE Examiners 2999 dated 09.09.2016

            SNE Flying Squad  dated 09.09.2016

            SNE Examiners 2838 dated 10.08.2016

            Instruction for flying squad duty dated 17.08.2016

            SNE Examiners 2953 dated 16.08.2016

            Re-Exam of Paper-III, Semester-III for trade Electrician, Electroplater and Lift Mechanic-AITT CTS July'2016 dated 08.08.2016

            SNE Examiners 2532 dated 29.07.2016

            Guidelines for AITT July 2016 dated 04.07.2016

            Instruction Exam branch dated 01.07.2016

            Pending sessional marks, attendance and exam fees August 2015 Semester-2 dated 01.07.2016

            Pending sessional marks, attendance and exam fees August 2014 Semester-4 dated 01.07.2016

            Date Sheet SCVT July-August,2016 dated 23.06.2016

            Demand of Question papers SCVT exam july-2016

            Order Exam branch dated 17.05.2016

            Revised schedule of AITT under CTS july,2016 dated 17.05.2016

            Revised schedule NCVT exam Jan-2016(Cancelled due to agitation) dated 22.03.2016

            SNE Flying 790 dated 17.03.2016

            Apprenticeship Datasheet April,2016 dated 14.03.2016

            Revised SNE Flying 2099 dated 08.12.2015

            Change schedule of Date Sheet SCVT Mar-2016 dated 02.03.2016

            Revised Date Sheet SCVT Feb-2016 dated 24.02.2016

            Feb-16 Exam schedule postponed dated 20.02.2016

            SNE Examiners 527 dated 15.02.2016

            SNE certificate 239 dated 10.02.2016

            SNE revised Examiners 930 dated 10.02.2016

            Regarding Hall tickets exam january-2016 dated 20.01.2016

            Regarding Private candidates SCVT to NCVT exam Jaunary-2016 dated 20.01.2016

            SNE Examiners 11 dated 08.01.2016

            SNE Examiners 02 dated 01.01.2016

            SNE Examiners 01 dated 01.01.2016

            SCVT Date-sheet Feb- 2016

            SNE Flying 2099 dated 08.12.2015

            SNE Examiners 2098 dated 08.12.2015

            Revised Sanction for remuneration bills dated 09.11.2015

            Exam Schedule CTS  Jan-feb-2016

            SNE Examiners 1572 dated 05.11.2015

            Revised Sanction for remuneration bills dated 05.11.2015

            Demand of Question papers exam order 2061 dated_03.11.2015

            SCVT Exam centers Jan-feb-2016

            SNE Examiners dated 11.09.2015

            Revised Date sheet SCVT Semester Exam dated 28.08.15

            SNE Examiners dated 18.08.2015

            Order Exam branch substituted dated 12.08.2015

            Revised Date sheet SCVT Exam Aug-2015

            Order Exam branch dated 12.08.2015

            Sems IV Practical postponed dated 28.07.2015

            SNE Examiners dated 21.07.2015

            SCVT Exam schedule postponed July-2015

            Revised Date sheet SCVT Exam July-2015

            Guidelines AITT July-2015

            Instruction regarding NCVT Exam July-2015

            Instruction regarding rechecking /reevaluatin of OMR sheet

            Datesheet SCVT Exam July-2015

            OMR Instructions

            Master Data for SCVT Exam July-2015

            Schedule for all India test for CTS

            DGET Instructions regarding Result MIS Portal 06.05.2015

            DGET Instructions regarding MIS 13.03.2015

            NCVT convential exam result regarding 10.04.2015

            DGET Instructions semester pattern 23.01.2015n

            Datesheet COE_ 6/2/2015

            Revised Datesheet_NCVT 6/2/2015

            Demand of QP_Semester pattern_2nd_3rd Sem_submitted DGET_13.1.2015

            Demand of QP_Semester pattern_Ist Sem_submitted DGET_07.1.2015

            Instructions Exam Fee

            Roll No. series_NCVT Exam_semester_Jan2015

            Roll No. series_NCVT Exam_Conventional_Jan2015

            Exam Center  -- X-2/Exam/2179 dated 03.11.2014

            Application Form Examination  Private Candidates

            DGET Instructions