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         Suspensions of Trades unites for session 2016-2017 - dated 16.12.2016

         Instructions regarding migration dt 16.11.16

         Suspensions of Trades unites for session 2016-2017 - Regarding at dated 09.11.2016

             Instructions regarding migration dt 14.10.16

             Correction in names on MIS portal regarding--dated 12.09.2016

             Instruction regarding uploading data on MIS portal regarding--dated 02.09.2016

             Instructions regarding deposition of counselling fee dt 30.8.16

             Instructions regarding admission extension dt 30.8.16

             Instructions regarding pending seats dt.22.8.16

             Instructions regarding name struck from the portal dt.22.8.16

             New 5th admission counselling schedule 2016-17

             Instructions regarding pending seats dt.10.8.16

             Useful instructions regarding 4th&5th counseling admission dt.9.8.16

             Direction regarding gram panchayat quota admission 2016-17

             Instruction regarding 4th & 5th counselling 2016-17

             Revised counseling schedule 2016-17

                   Admission Prospectus 2016-17

             Seat Release-final for session 2016-17

             Instruction regarding admission 2016-17

             Instruction regarding help desk for online admission 2016-17

             Amendment in seat release of GITI Sahabazpur for 2016-17

             Verification of trade units 2016-17

             Instruction regarding admission 2016-17

             Admission Notice for online counselling 2016-17

             Tentative Seat Release for session 2016-17

             Diversification for 2016-17

             Instruction regarding help desk for online admission 2016-17

             Last  Admission in Advance Modules under COE scheme notice dated 09.02.2016

             TTC Admission 2015-16 Notice dated 14.01.2016

             Checking/verification of eligible criteria

             Admission Extension notice for new Affiliated ITIs

             Admission notice 17 Sept.

             Seat release of new GITIs  for 2015-16

             Seat Release COE advance module dated 02.09.2015

             COE admission to ITIs dated 24.08.2015

             Admission Extension notice

             Admission Schedule of 7th counselling

             Admission Schedule of 6th counselling

             Seat release of GITI Dubbaldhan for 2015-16

             Admission Schedule of 5th counselling

             PROSPECTUS 2015-16

             Guidelines for distribution of scratch card

             Admission notice 

             Seat Release GITIs 2015-16 with Diversification

             Infrastructure for help desk at ITIs