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               Regarding seniority of Devender Kumar TA dated 13.10.2016

               Final seniority List of Instructors dated 07.10.2016

               Tentative seniority List Group Instructors /STA/JAPO

               Final seniority List Instructors (Substituted order)dated 06.09.2016

               Consequent upon fixation of seniority dated 06.09.2016

               Final seniority List Instructors dated 06.09.2016

               Seniority List Instructors dated 02.06.2016

               Seniority List Ministerial Staff clerks Field Offices

               Revised seniority List Dy. Superintendents fields

               Seniority List Dy. Superintendents fields

               Seniority List Principals

               Seniority List Instructors

               Seniority List Class-IV Employees

               Confirmation List of Superintendent Assistant

               Seniority List H.Q.  Employees

               Seniority List Ministerial Staff Field Offices

               Seniority List Principal TTC_GI(women)_Craft Instructor(women)

               Seniority List Group Instructors