Opening of ITIs under Multi-Sectoral Development Program (MSDP)

The program has been started by Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India with aims to improving the socio-economic conditions of minorities and providing basic amenities to them for improving the quality of life of the people and reducing imbalances in the identified minority concentration areas during the 12th Five Year Plan period. The objective is to provide the better infrastructure for education, skill development, health, sanitation, pucca housing, roads, drinking water, besides schemes for creating income generating opportunities in the Minority Concentration Districts (MCD) where population of minorities is more than 20% or more of total population.

At present eight Government ITIs are purposed to be established in Sirsa, Fatehabad & Yamunanagar districts under this project for which Centre & State Government. will share the expenditure in 60:40 ratio. The funding is to be provided for construction of building & procurement of machinery while recurring cost on the functioning of ITI is to be borne by state Government.

Sr No. District New Govt. ITI Status
1. Sirsa Masita Land yet to be Transferred  
2. BadaGudha Land yet to be Transferred  
3. Jeevanagar Building under Construction (5% Work Completed)
4. Odhan Functional from Session 2013-2014
5. Fatehabad JakhanDaadi Land yet to be Transferred  
6. Darshulkalan Land yet to be Transferred  
7. Yamunagar Chhachrauli Functional from Session 2017-2018
8. Khijrabad Land yet to be Transferred