SDIS-Scheme Features

Features of the Skill Development Initiative Scheme

  • The Skill Development Initiative Scheme is 100 % centrally sponsored scheme.
  • Demand driven Short term training courses based on Modular Employable Skills have been decided in consultation with Industry.
  • Central Government facilitates and promotes training while State Governments, private sector and industry provide training to the persons.
  • Optimum utilisation of existing infrastructure available to made training cost effective.
  • Courses are available for persons having completed 5th standard and onwards.
  • Flexible delivery mechanism (part time, weekends, full time) to suit needs of various target groups.
  • Different levels of programmes (Foundation level as well as skill up gradation) to meet demands of various target groups.
  • The services of existing or retired faculty or guest faculty are being utilized.
  • Existing skills of the persons can also be tested and certified under this scheme.
  • Training is provided by registered Vocational Training Providers (VTPs) under the Govt., Private Sector and Industrial establishments.
  • Reimbursement of training cost @ of Rs. 30.00 / Rs. 27.50 per person per hour to Vocational Training Providers (VTPs).
  • Testing of skills of trainees by independent assessing bodies including industry organizations such as Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI), Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), etc. which do not involve in training deliveryto ensure an impartial assessment.
  • The certification by National Council for Vocational Training (NCVT) which is recognised nationally and internationally for gainful employment.
  • During XI Plan period (2007-2012), against an approved outlay of Rs.550 crore, an amount of Rs.407 crore was spent and 13.67 lakh persons were trained or directly tested under the scheme.  Cabinet Committee on Skill Development has approved the continuation of SDIS for XII Plan period with certain changes on 13.08.2013.
  • The on-line implementation of the Skill Development Initiative Scheme (SDI) Scheme through the Web-Portal has been launched since 1st January, 2012.