Trades under Craftsmen Training Scheme (CTS) in Haryana State

Skill Development & Industrial Training Department, Haryana is providing training in following 47 engineering & 31 non engineering trades in the ITIs situated across the state. The trades list along with the requisite entry educational qualification, duration is mentioned below.

Trades running in Govt. ITIs & Pvt. ITIs
                                                    Engineering Trades ( 01 Year duration Courses)
Sr. No.                   Name of the Trade Entry Qualification
1 Architectural Assistant 10th Pass*
2 Carpenter 8th Pass
3 Computer Hardware & Network Maintenance  10th Pass*
4 Foundry man Technician  10th Pass*
5 Interior Decoration and Designing 10th Pass*
6 Mechanic (Tractor) 10th Pass*
7 Mechanic Auto Body Painting  10th Pass*
8 Mechanic Auto Body Repair 10th Pass*
9 Mechanic Auto Electrical and Electronics 10th Pass*
10 Mechanic Diesel Engine (Old Name Mechanic (Diesel)) 10th Pass*
11 Plastic Processing Operator 10th Pass*
12 Physiotherapy Technician 10th Pass*
13 Plumber 8th Pass
14 Sheet Metal Worker 8th Pass
15 Surveyor 8th Pass
16 Welder (Fabrication & Fitting) 8th Pass
17 Welder (GMAW & GTAW) 8th Pass
18 Welder (Pipe) 8th Pass
19 Welder Old Name Welder (Gas and Electric) 8th Pass
20 Welder (Welding & Inspection) (Only in Pvt. ITIs) 8th Pass
21 Geo-Informatics Assistant (SCVT Only) 12th
                                                   Engineering Trades ( 02 Year duration Courses)
22 Draughtsman (Civil) 10th Pass*
23 Draughtsman (Mechanical) 10th Pass*
24 Electrician 10th Pass*
25 Electronics Mechanic 10th Pass*
26 Electroplater 10th Pass*
27 Fitter 10th Pass*
28 Information Communication Technology System Maintenance  10th Pass*
(Old Name – IT & ESM) 10th Pass*
29 Information Technology 10th Pass*
30 Instrument Mechanic 10th Pass*
31 Laboratory Assistant (Chemical Plant) 10th Pass*
32 Lift and Escalator Mechanic  10th Pass*
33 Machinist 10th Pass*
34 Machinist Grinder 10th Pass*
35 Mechanic  Motor Vehicle 10th Pass*
36 Mechanic Refrigeration & Air-conditioning 10th Pass*
37 Mechanic Agricultural Machinery 10th Pass*
38 Mechanic Consumer Electronics Appliances 10th Pass*
39 Mechanic Machine Tools Maintenance 10th Pass*
40 Painter General 8th Pass
41 Radiology Technician  10th Pass*
42 Technician Power Electronic System  10th Pass*
43 Tool & Die Maker (Dies &Moulds) 10th Pass*
44 Tool & Die Maker (Press Tools, Jigs & Fixtures) 10th Pass*
45 Turner 10th Pass*
46 Wireman 10th Pass*
47 Operator Advance Machine Tool Maintenance  10th Pass*
                                      Non-Engineering Trades ( 01 Year duration Courses)  
48 Computer Operator and Programming Assistant 10th Pass*
49 Craftsman Food Production (General). 10th Pass*
50 Sewing Technology Old Name - Cutting & Sewing 10th Pass*
51 Computer Aided Embroidery and Designing  10th Pass*
52 Desktop Publishing Operator 10th Pass*
53 Dress Making 10th Pass*
54 Surface Ornamentation Techniques (Embroidery) (Old Name Embroidery and Needle Work) 8th Pass
55 Fashion Design Technology (Old Name Fashion Technology) 10th Pass*
56 Food & Beverages  Guest Services Assistant  10th Pass*
57 Front Office Assistant  10th Pass*
58 Basic Cosmetology (Old Name Hair and Skin care) 10th Pass*
59 Hospital House Keeping  10th Pass*
60 Health Sanitary Inspector 10th Pass*
61 Health Safety Environment (Only in Pvt. ITIs) 10th Pass*
62 House Keeper (Only in Pvt. ITIs) 10th Pass*
63 Leather Goods Maker 10th Pass*
64 Litho Offset Machine Minder (SCVT only) 10th Pass*
65 Footwear Maker 10th Pass*
66 Stenography  & Secretarial Assistant (Hindi) 10th Pass*
67 Stenography & Secretarial Assistant (English) 10th Pass*
68 Spa Therapy 10th Pass*
69 Catering & Hospitality Assistant 10th Pass*
70 Fire Technology and Industrial Safety Management 10th Pass*
71 Forger & Heat Treater (SCVT only) 10th Pass*
72 Watch & Clock Repair (SCVT only)  10th Pass*
73 Soil Testing and Crop Technician  10th Pass*
74 Multi Media Animation Special effect 10th Pass*
                                  Non-Engineering Trades ( 02 Year duration Courses)
75 Dental Laboratory Technician 10th Pass*
76 Retailing (SCVT only) 10th Pass*

* 10th Pass with Math & Science subjects.

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